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  • FPP (Generic)
In addition to producing and marketing 70 medicines for domestic market, Poly has gradually expanded its global presence by gaining two products approved in US, four products approved in EU and about seventeen products are under submission. Poly has established strategic partnerships with many well-known enterprises and institutions on the global markets.
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Azithromycin for Injection
Azithromycin for Injection(500mg)
Ganciclovir Sodium for Injection
Ganciclovir Sodium for Injection(500mg)
Levetiracetam Injection
Levetiracetam Injection(500mg/ml)
Pantoprazole Sodium for Injection
Pantoprazole Sodium for Injection(40mg)
>Eptifibatide Injection
Eptifibatide Injection(20mg/10ml,75mg/100ml)
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